7 Tips When To Apply For AdSense For blogger Or website

Hello Friends, in today's post 7 tips when to apply for AdSense for blogger Or website, I will tell you when you can apply your website for AdSense so that you get quick approval of Adsense.

Friends, New Blogger often makes such a mistake that he writes one to two posts on his website and applies for Adsense without doing anything. After which, their request gets rejected. And then think why his Adsense Approval has not happened? So friends, if you are also a New Blogger and you also want to get Adsense Approval on your website quickly, then I will tell you some ways below which you can easily find Adsense Approval by following it.

When to apply for AdSense after creating a blog Or website

1. Buy Top Level Domain

Friends, when you make your account on Blogger, you get a subdomain there. On which you cannot get the approval of Adsense, for this you will have to buy the top-level domain name. Such as .com, .in etc only then you can get approval for AdSense.

2. Blog or Website Design

To get Adsense approval, first of all, you will have to design your website quite well. For this, you will find many templates on the Internet, with the help of which you can design your blog or website. And you always have to pay attention to the fact that whatever is necessary, add the same thing to your website so that your viewers do not have trouble and the website also loads quickly.

3. Create About, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer or Contact Us page

Friends, if your blog does not have a page about About Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer or Contact Us, then you can never get the Approval of Adsense because, for the approval of Adsense, these pages should remain in your blog. So friends, add these pages to your website, then apply for AdSense.

4. 15 to 20 Post

Friends, before applying Adsense, you must write at least 15 to 20 posts, then apply.

5.  No Copyright Content

Friends, the article you have published on your website should not belong to anyone else. Because if Adsense found anything Copyright on your website, it will reject your request.

6. Create organic traffic

Friends, when you apply for Google Adsense, then they see where people are coming from on this site. If there is traffic thrown on your site, then they reject your form. Therefore, try as much as you can to get organic traffic. And do not open your website more often than yourself and do not create fake traffic.

7. Traffic

Friends, before applying AdSense, you should check the traffic on your blog. If you have 200-300 traffic daily on your blog, then you can apply for AdSense.

Conclusion: - 7 tips when to apply for AdSense for blogger Or website

Friends, how did you like this post 7 tips when to apply for AdSense for blogger Or website Tell us by commenting and if you have any question, you can also ask us by commenting below. And if you liked the post, then share it among your friends also so that they can also find out the ways.


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